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Software Testing Services

Achieve Scope to Improve Your Software Testing Quality

Organizations have been searching for new methods to cut testing costs and enlarge testing scalability. We help such organizations in accomplishing their strategic testing objectives and seamlessly run their software testing initiatives more cost-effectively.

We recommend to the organizations that they should focus on ensuring quality in testing rather than focusing on testing at the final stage. By providing the best in class services and solutions we make the Organizations to prefer us and line up to test their products with our solutions and services.

wti takes immense pride in saying that it provides End-to-End software testing services to the software development companies and also offers cloud based test automation services.  Our software testing services help in mitigating time, money, and various laborious processes.

Independent verification and validation

Our services in Software V&V enable our customers to ensure the product is well engineered and also to meet their customer requirements. Our services include:

Verification Services
Design Reviews
Code Inspections and Walkthroughs
Static Code Analysis
Unit Testing
Integration Testing

Validation Services
Requirement Traceability Analysis
Validation Testing
Off-the-Shelf Software Validation – OTSS
Regression Testing
Automated Testing

Software testing services

Testing services for software development projects that help companies develop a quality product. With standard operating procedures and mechanisms you can detect issues early, leading to a better stakeholder and end-user experience, with lowered costs and complexity.

The software testing services that are offered are:
Defect verification services
User acceptance testing (UAT) services
Regression testing services
Integrated System Testing
Performance Testing
BAU Testing Support

The software testing team also has capabilities in the following:
Automated testing services
Automated test script development services